Friday, June 30, 2006

Some Photos

from the shower...Just a few as it is all I have had time for!!

The goody table!

The cake!

The stroller!

Parents to be!

The proud Daddy

Daddy being silly!

Week 34 !!

Holy Moly! Can you say 'slacker'? LOL
We have been so busy around here that I just cannot justify sitting my fat ass in front of the computer for very long. I check my mail and that is about it...

We are getting new flooring installed today. So we had to empty out the living room, and of course that meant that I had to actually CLEAN stuff. Yuk. When the guy ripped up our nasty ass carpet, you could see where the previous owners dogs had been peeing. Freaking gross. I am SO glad to be rid of that shit.

We started painting the hall last night. The new color we chose is SO much better. We are going to do the hall and the dining room, and then let Steve, our painter, do the rest.

I have Maya's room almost all ready. All of her clothes are washed and put away, as well as most of her other things. We still need to change all of the outlets, switches and covers and put up the new blinds, but we have a little time yet for that. Rome wasn't built in a day, right?


We had the baby shower last weekend. It was wondermous. Photos at the conclusion of this post. I also had maternity shots done, and will get some of those posted as well...(meh, will have to wait til later, I gotta get to my appointment!!)

I am getting large(r), and uncomfortable, but I cannot complain as everything seems to be going along well. I have a Docs appointment today at 12:15. According to my new fancy digital scale, I have gained 4 and a half pounds in two weeks. Good LORD.

It has been nice having Todd home as of late. He starts a new job on the 10th with a really great company. The last place he was at, ugh. It is a LONG as story, one that I will post about on Tikigirl very soon. The whole ordeal has been a great source of unrest for him, as well as for me.

I see that one of my friends is now blogging. I found her by accident. I am not sure if we are still friends though, which is sad. She comments on other blogs, but not mine. Her hubby and mine used to be friends. Not sure what happened there either, other than the fact that Todd feels quite slighted by him...long story, again, that will come to light in my other blog.

Anyway, welcome to the blogging world, Amy.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Week 32

We had a Docs appointment today. We are measuring at 34 weeks, I lost 5 pounds (!) and Maya's heartbeat was good and strong, in the 140 range.

She is so active these days. It is so amazing...

Just trudging along with trying to get the house in order. It seems like the more we try to organize and clean, the more nutty things get LOL. Her room WILL be complete by Friday if it freaking KILLS me. Our baby shower is Sunday afternoon and afterwards we are coming back to the house, and we are having maternity portraits done. My friend Robyn is an AMAZING, budding photographer and I can NOT wait!!! She has had only boys to photograph thus far and is as excited about taking pictures of Maya as I am! I am so very VERY fortunate to have her to do this for us.

I feel as large as a house. And I still have some ultrasound pics to post. Sorry about that. I got a new computer and I am still transferring stuff over to my new laptop..

I need to go find some Tums...and pee. Again.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Week 31

My ticker up top there says only 57 days to go. What? LOL
Where has the time gone??

I have been under a bit of emotional distress this last week or so. I am trying really hard to relax, as I worry what it does to Maya. It is hard though. I think about her pending birth, and the fact that my Dad will never hold her, and it eats me up inside..

The one year anniversary of my Dads passing (and Marks) is right around the corner and it is weighing on me quite heavily. Today is also the 16 year anniversary of my Grandpas passing and that just I doesn't FEEL like its been 16 years.

We have also had a lot of other personal shit going on that I really do not want to post about. But it has made life a big, huge mess for the both of us during a time when we are supposed to be happy. I know life isn't fair. I know I should just be thankful for what we DO have, but it is hard. We are doing the best we can though. We will get through it, just like everything else.

It is just hard to wonder when the shit will stop piling up on top of us...

Ok, so a question. We have a border we want to put up in Mayas room and I will be damned if we can get it to stick! It is prepasted...We ended up stapling the shit up there LOL. You can't see the staples thankfully, but what a pain in the ass. This isn't rocket science, you know? The middle sticks ok in most places, but the top and bottom WILL NOT STICK. Argh.

I am feeling Mayas kicks farther up these days, and my bladder feels as if it is her personal punching bag. Oy. The heartburn is still relentless. I should buy stock in TUMS, and Mylanta...Other than that, nothing much is going on. Do not feel much like blogging with all that we have going on around here. I cannot blog the personal stuff because hubby would slay me...even though it would be a great outlet for me. Plus, people involved read the ol blog. At least I think they do. They used to anyway. One of those people we considered a good friend, and the hurt there is pretty deep. Bastard.

Annywayy. I need to just leave it at that! I cannot believe that I am going to be hitting week 32. HOLY CRAP!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I had another ultrasound today...
Maya is weighing in at 2 pounds 15 ounces. Not sure how long she is...I forgot to ask once we saw all of the hair.

Yep. Shes got a full head of hair. You could see it floating in the the fluid. I was amazed, and thus forgot to inquire about her length! I see the Doc tomorrow, so I will ask then. Her heartbeat was 145 bpm, and everything looks good. (but we already knew that!)

I cannot tell you how happy I am that she has hair. I know some will fall out and all that. But still... :O)

It smells bad in here today. They just put sealer on the tiles in the kitchen. Ugh. I probably should run out and do some errands, but in all honesty, I am too damned tired.

I will post the ultrasound pics we got today later on. Todd took them to work to show her off. Once he scans them and sends them to me, I will post. We FINALLY got a good profile shot, we have a shot of the hair, a good shot of her face and a shot of her girly bits. The tech referred to them as her 'hamburger', and I don't know about you, but I find that to be somewhat unsettling.

So much for burgers for dinner...

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