Friday, June 30, 2006

Some Photos

from the shower...Just a few as it is all I have had time for!!

The goody table!

The cake!

The stroller!

Parents to be!

The proud Daddy

Daddy being silly!

Man, you guys made a haul! Looks like a beautiful shower -- really wish I could have made it!
Baby showers are awesome. I got even more gifts for my baby showers than I did when I got married. I guess everyone has a soft spot for a baby.
My Daddy's Love... whats the plaq say?
Here is what it says...

My Daddy's Love
You say "hello" it's Daddy,
the few words you seem to find.
They're full of love and meaning.
I am yours and you are mine.
You smile with pride and hold me,
My fingers grasp your hand.
I have felt you in my heart.
Since the day my life began.
We have that "Daddy's Love" frame hanging in our nursery, too. :-)
I always eyeball that stroller when I see it in Target. Wish that one was around when my girls where babies. I love it!
Looks like you guys made out great!
How was Todd at the shower? Mike was like 'uhhhhhhh' when I asked him if he wanted to come. I should've known better.
Jen, do you realize that you're GLOWING???
looks like you had an incredible shower! y'all look great!! so excited for you both...
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