Saturday, November 29, 2008

thanks Lionel

The bes thing that I took from my first marriage was... Fettucine. Yes. Fettucine.

One year in the dead of winter, the ex and I headed out into the woods with his cousin Lionel. We hiked to this neat place out in the middle of the nowhere. We made a fire. We drank beer. And Lionel cooked tuna helper fettucine over an open fire. Only instead of tuna he used ground beef. He sliced an onion first and sauteed it in butter. Then he added the ground beef. Then the mix and the noodles. At the very end, he dumped in a can of peas. OMG

I cannot tell you how good this is. Especially over an open fire. It is truly the one thing I gleefully took with me.

Luckily Todd likes it. We cook it each time we camp.mmmm. I'm so full. Gonna chill and then hit the hay. Its wonderfully chilly out right now. Looking forward to snuggling into my sleeping bag. Tomorrow we explore along the river, with a bike ride and a hike. Hopefully the rain won't be too bad.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gearing up for number Two!

Well, I guess that I am going to back this site up, and print it all out to put aside for Maya one day. I think my plan will be to bind it and give it to her when she is pregnant with her first child, when she is 37. LOL

My pregnancy with her was really a breeze. I can only imagine what the next one will be like. We made the decision tonight, to start trying in April. Weee!!

I will post again at that time.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007


I am done posting here. I am in the middle of a redesign of my other site and I will post about Maya over there.

I am going to keep this place for when we decided (IF we decide!) to start trying for Baby #2.

So head on over to Just Another Jen. That is where all things Maya will be from now on!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Six Months

A half of a year. I wish you could see my face right now. *sigh*

I love this child. More so than I EVER thought was possible. She is an amazingly happy baby. My one wish for her is for her to always be this happy. And I know that really is not possible and that breaks me.

She had her 6 month well baby check-up the other day. She weighed in at 16 pounds 6.5 ounces and she is 26.5 inches long. She got her shots, and I opted to get her ears pierced. I am STILL reeling from the guilt of willingly bringing pain unto my child.
She only cried briefly. But still. Ugh.

I didn't get my ears done til I was 11. And it bloody well hurt. My thought process here was that she won't remember the pain, you know?

We are having issues with her spitting up, excessively. I discussed it with her Pediatrician who said that it is more of a laundry problem than a medical problem.
This kind of irritated me a bit. It does not seem to bother her in the least. But for two days now I have fed her babyfood with some water. No spit up. About 30 minutes later I give her a bottle and she becomes a damned fountain.

She is gaining weight accordingly, so I guess I should give it a bit more time. I dunno. It has gotten to the point though that bibs and spit-up cloths aren't adequate. I have to have a freaking receiving blanket on hand at all times. And wipes. Lots and lots of wipes.

Yeah. Gross.

But I love her anyway. :O)

She sat up all by herself today. She loves to stand and will stand at the coffee table for small bits of time. She looks like a little drunk after a few minutes, when she goes all wobbly. She gives kisses, tries to feed herself, is sort of drinking from a cup, still sleeping through the night, blows raspberries ALL THE DAMNED TIME!, naps like a champ, loves to play with her toys, and leans for me when Daddy holds her. Today, as I was holding her, she leaned over and reached for her Daddy. He had a bad day, so his face just lit up and I swear I heard his heart burst. It really made his day! We take her for hour long walks, and she does not make a peep. She just looks around at everything whilst blowing raspberries. Then we come home, she eats, gets a bath and zonkers out!!

I really need to start baby proofing this place, because it will be no time at all until this becomes her domain!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Be still, my heart!

In the 'Aaaaaw' category; T just went to give Maya a kiss goodbye before leaving for work this morning. She was asleep, so he kissed his fingers and touched them to her face. She sighed, and smiled.

My heart go BOOM....

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pictures as promised...

I cannot believe that she will be 6 months old this month. Someone make it stop! Guh. Going WAY too fast here for my liking. Yet, on the other hand, she is SO much fun. I HAVE to get up a video of her laughing. I swear it could bring about world peace.

Ok, so maybe not, but it IS that cute!

Without further blather, some pics taken yesterday...

In her beloved jumperoo

She always gets this look when the music and lights start!

Ok, had enough now please!

This was an oopsie, but I like it anyway.

She has tried some new foods lately and has loved every one of them. So far we have had plums, prunes, peaches, pears, and avocado; in addition to the sweet taters, peas, carrots, green beans, bananas, and apples that we started her out with.

We have decided to try to go vegan, in which case Maya will as well. We are slowly working to weed out all processed foods, because that shit is crap. It ain't easy! lol

Any of you vegans have any advice or recipes or anything??

More pics soon. It takes me awhile to process them since I have switched to shooting in RAW format. Need me some dual processor goodness (psshawright).

Friday, January 26, 2007


For two days she has done nothing but sleep. I hope she is ok. She seems to be. I get her up and feed her, and within the hour she is back asleep for like 3 to 5 hours. Then I get her up, change her, feed her and within the hour she is back out again.

She is 5 and a half months old this week, is this typical? She hasn't slept this much since she was a newborn.

So, I get Bad Mommy of the Year Award. Today I put her in her bouncy seat and checked my email real quick. Not even TWO minutes... I didn't strap her in. When I went back out there she was on the floor!! OMG I about died. She didn't fall or anything, just sorta slinked out of it onto the floor. She never made a sound. LOL

I was MORTIFIED. I always strap her in, not sure why I didn't this time. UGH. Bad bad mommy. She was just laying there, eating her hand and smiling up at me. *sigh*

She is quickly outgrowing her clothes. For anything that is one piece, I have her in 6 to 9 months and they are getting too small. She is so long. I am thinking about getting some of those extender thingies for all of her onesies, because this is just rediculous. !!!

Picture post coming this weekend... Hope everyone is well!!

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