Saturday, November 29, 2008

thanks Lionel

The bes thing that I took from my first marriage was... Fettucine. Yes. Fettucine.

One year in the dead of winter, the ex and I headed out into the woods with his cousin Lionel. We hiked to this neat place out in the middle of the nowhere. We made a fire. We drank beer. And Lionel cooked tuna helper fettucine over an open fire. Only instead of tuna he used ground beef. He sliced an onion first and sauteed it in butter. Then he added the ground beef. Then the mix and the noodles. At the very end, he dumped in a can of peas. OMG

I cannot tell you how good this is. Especially over an open fire. It is truly the one thing I gleefully took with me.

Luckily Todd likes it. We cook it each time we camp.mmmm. I'm so full. Gonna chill and then hit the hay. Its wonderfully chilly out right now. Looking forward to snuggling into my sleeping bag. Tomorrow we explore along the river, with a bike ride and a hike. Hopefully the rain won't be too bad.


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