Saturday, December 30, 2006


Our first Christmas with Maya was just great. Of course everyone spoiled her. She got good stuffs though. She got lots of neat books, and some really great developmental toys, that she just LOVES.

I have lots of pictures, but I cannot get them off of my camera. Argh. I have to get a card reader and then I will post some. She got totally overwhelmed on Christmas Eve. Trying to get her to go to sleep that night was NOT fun.

Today was a big day for her as well. She has been trying different foods, and so far she likes them all. We have tried Oatmeal cereal, sweet peas, bananas, and sweet potatoes. She chowed on the sweet taters just a bit ago. What a mess. I had to give her a bath after that! She loooved them.

Afterwards, I had her on the floor for some tummy time (which she still hates!), she is doing a wee bit better with that. She went flat after about 8 minutes or so, and she started to fuss. I rolled her over onto her back as I was putting some of her toys away. She rolled right to her side, and rolled over onto her tummy! I was like..WHOAH!! hahaaa!!

I rolled her back over, and woop, there she went, right back on her tummy. Which then made her mad because *newsflash* she does not like to be on her tummy!


So, yeah, exciting day for us over here. I cannot wait to see what she does next. She is SO much fun!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Parenting 101

Ok. So Heather gave us a jumperoo. It was in the garage, and I asked my husband to get it so we could put it together for Maya. I went to change her and put her into her pjs, while Daddy put it together. He asked about the seat, and I said to just hook it into the spaces in the jumperoo, where the seat should go. Not rocket science, right?

Well. My husband is one of those people that is very smart, sometimes so much so that the obvious often escapes him. So, I come out with Maya, and lean over and put her into the jumperoo, and she disappears. "Uum...Sparky? Somethings not right here??!!" He says to me "What is the problem?" (and yeah. My nickname for him is Sparky. Has been for YEARS...hee. It fits him..)

By this time I was laughing hysterically, and running for my camera. The look on Maya's face was pricless. She looked like she was saying "What in the HELL people??"

Todd had fastened the seat to the plastic part of the jumperoo, from underneath, instead of from the top, so when I put her in it, she promptly sank to the floor.

And finally, we get it right.


Check up!

Well, she weighed in at 13 pounds 14 ounces and is 25 inches long. She is in the 50th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height!

She can also start eating foodstuffs. Yay! We are going to start with some oatmeal cereal, as there is rice already in her formula (it comes that way...).

She handled her shots well, and is just now waking up from a 3 hour snooze, so I am off for now!!

Four months old...where does the time go?

I still cannot believe that I have a kid. How weird is that? It is still all so unreal to me. I look at her and think "Wow. She is mine. WE created this person." Oy.


She is positively smooshable, and I love her more than anything. Today she goes for her four month check up. I cannot wait to see what the porker weighs. Hahaa. She is really still quite small, I think. She still hates tummy time, which is starting to worry me. I can only put her on her tummy for a moment or two before she starts to wail like someone is pulling off her toenails or something. She will lift up for a moment, then she just goes flat and screams. Ugh.

She watches us eat. Like the dog does. It is funny as hell. She watches the fork from plate to mouth and looks at me like 'WOW'. I really didn't want to start her on any food until she was about 6 months or so. The formula we have her on has rice in it. It is thick. She sucks down 7 to 8 ounces in less than 5 minutes most of the time. I have to keep pulling the bottle away from her because she doesn't breathe, and she ends up choking. Duh.

She also sticks her whole hand in her mouth, so far in that it makes her gag. Again, DUH! hahaa. My Mom told me I used to do the same thing and her my Dad used to laugh their asses off at me. Hmph. LOL

She is still such a pleasant baby. The only times she fusses is when she is hungry, when she is tired, or when she is bored. Other than that, she is all smiles. She LOVES her jumperoo. Oh. Remind me to tell you the jumperoo story later. It is a good one. !!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I am curious as to what other names you had picked for your baby, and if the baby had been the other sex, what names did you settle on?

My sister in law is 15 weeks pregnant. She got pregnant the week Maya was born. Hee.
I am stoked...
I cannot wait for them to find out what it is! eeeee!

Anyway, other girl names we had tossed around were: Anna, Amanda, Molly, Noelle, and I liked Katelyn, but T did not.

If Maya had been a boy, we were tossing about the idea of naming him after my Dad and Mark, so either Phillip Mark, or Mark Phillip. Other names we liked were: Will, Derek, Bret (not a word, Stace. LOL), I liked Justin, T did not.. and Evan.

Many of you that I read have great names for your kids, I am interested to see what didn't pan out!


A Day of Infamy...

One year ago today, my life took a big BIG turn...


By far, the best thing that has ever happened to me, aside from meeting her Daddy, of course!

Of course, today is important in a much larger way, from a worldly standpoint anyway...
as it is the 65th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I think it is very important on this day, to remember those killed on that day, and every day, while defending our freedoms and our country.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It is funny how all of the things that I worried about while pregnant, were completely rediculous.

I wondered how I would ever get by on no sleep. I am not good when I don't get enough sleep. I mean, no one is really. But lack of sleep triggers migraines for me, so this was a huge concern.

My daughter sleeps 8 to 10 hours a night. Woo! I am sure that will change at some point, but for now, she's a champion sleeper. I worried how I would do at keeping her entertained. I have spent a lot of time around babies in the past, but there is still so much that I don't know. Everyone kept telling me not to worry, that instinct would kick in. That it has.

I worried how I would keep up with the house. I manage. :O)

I am thoroughly enjoying being a Mom. I love this little being more and more every day. She is such a joy. She has found her voice, so she can get quite loud at times lol. She is also fascinated by her feet at the moment. Her hands are usually in her mouth, and when she wakes up I swear she is the happiest soul on the planet.

Ahh I love her...and now, some photos I snapped today. My Mom got her that outfit the other day..soo cute!

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