Monday, December 18, 2006

Four months old...where does the time go?

I still cannot believe that I have a kid. How weird is that? It is still all so unreal to me. I look at her and think "Wow. She is mine. WE created this person." Oy.


She is positively smooshable, and I love her more than anything. Today she goes for her four month check up. I cannot wait to see what the porker weighs. Hahaa. She is really still quite small, I think. She still hates tummy time, which is starting to worry me. I can only put her on her tummy for a moment or two before she starts to wail like someone is pulling off her toenails or something. She will lift up for a moment, then she just goes flat and screams. Ugh.

She watches us eat. Like the dog does. It is funny as hell. She watches the fork from plate to mouth and looks at me like 'WOW'. I really didn't want to start her on any food until she was about 6 months or so. The formula we have her on has rice in it. It is thick. She sucks down 7 to 8 ounces in less than 5 minutes most of the time. I have to keep pulling the bottle away from her because she doesn't breathe, and she ends up choking. Duh.

She also sticks her whole hand in her mouth, so far in that it makes her gag. Again, DUH! hahaa. My Mom told me I used to do the same thing and her my Dad used to laugh their asses off at me. Hmph. LOL

She is still such a pleasant baby. The only times she fusses is when she is hungry, when she is tired, or when she is bored. Other than that, she is all smiles. She LOVES her jumperoo. Oh. Remind me to tell you the jumperoo story later. It is a good one. !!!

Saoirse hated tummy time too, but she turned out just fine. Sophie's a bit better about it, when she lets me put her down. Glad all is well with you and Maya.
Man, four months - holy cow how time flies!
Saoirse? How is that pronounced???
You didn't update about the tummy issue... and i think all babies drink till they choke. Both mine did.
Now, about the jumperoo...?
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