Monday, December 18, 2006

Parenting 101

Ok. So Heather gave us a jumperoo. It was in the garage, and I asked my husband to get it so we could put it together for Maya. I went to change her and put her into her pjs, while Daddy put it together. He asked about the seat, and I said to just hook it into the spaces in the jumperoo, where the seat should go. Not rocket science, right?

Well. My husband is one of those people that is very smart, sometimes so much so that the obvious often escapes him. So, I come out with Maya, and lean over and put her into the jumperoo, and she disappears. "Uum...Sparky? Somethings not right here??!!" He says to me "What is the problem?" (and yeah. My nickname for him is Sparky. Has been for YEARS...hee. It fits him..)

By this time I was laughing hysterically, and running for my camera. The look on Maya's face was pricless. She looked like she was saying "What in the HELL people??"

Todd had fastened the seat to the plastic part of the jumperoo, from underneath, instead of from the top, so when I put her in it, she promptly sank to the floor.

And finally, we get it right.


The pictures are priceless.. I was waiting to see thd pics after you had told me the story. She has gotten so big and happy... she even expresses her happiness with her talking... I can't wait to see her again...

give her more hugs for me
love aunty heather

ps. this takes me back to when i was staying there and we were putting that together around this sametime last year.
aaaaaaaaaaahahahahah that's so funny! That's a nice jumperoo, too. The ones I had clamped to the moulding around the door.
and Maya likes Binkys? LOL David wouldn't have it. Julie had hers till she was 2.
OMG that picture is priceless.
This is the best thing I've read in a long time. So great!

Glad you got it right.

Ask Chad how much trouble he had trying to figure out that stupid diaper genie....hahah, guess who got it? (of course for Kerrin it took me DAYS!!)
I laughed so hard, I almost peed. Bwah! She's so freakin' cute. We'd better figure out a way to meet again soon or she's going to be crawling...
Too funny and cute!
I love, love, love that top picture. Too funny.
Damn funny! E has that jumparoo @ daycare and LOOOOOOOOOOVES it! Merry Christmas!!!
Okay, they are all ADORABLE pictures, but really, if you look at the second one, you could almost think she was wooshing down a toilet bowl!
UGH, and again with the REBECCA. I totally have to change my profile!
-bek or -beaty
This is such a man thing...GAH!

We LOVE our jumparoo!!
I love how you just ran to get the camera and she's all "Hey people...a little help here!" At least, that's what I imagine she was thinking.
Too funny.
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