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I am curious as to what other names you had picked for your baby, and if the baby had been the other sex, what names did you settle on?

My sister in law is 15 weeks pregnant. She got pregnant the week Maya was born. Hee.
I am stoked...
I cannot wait for them to find out what it is! eeeee!

Anyway, other girl names we had tossed around were: Anna, Amanda, Molly, Noelle, and I liked Katelyn, but T did not.

If Maya had been a boy, we were tossing about the idea of naming him after my Dad and Mark, so either Phillip Mark, or Mark Phillip. Other names we liked were: Will, Derek, Bret (not a word, Stace. LOL), I liked Justin, T did not.. and Evan.

Many of you that I read have great names for your kids, I am interested to see what didn't pan out!


The names we had picked out for the twins were Katharine and Joshua (just always had a 'feeling' we had one of each). But we retired those permanently. If N had been a girl, he would have been Lauren. If T had been a girl, he would have been Victoria. We're saving Lauren back just in case one day though...
I was going to pick Nolan Micheal for a boy. But we had our girl. I also liked the names Evan and Tyler.
We liked Mason for a boy, but we didn't really start talking names until after we knew she was a girl, so it didn't go much further than that.

The girl names that lost out: Ella, Aslynn, Lana, and Alaura. I liked Fiona, but J didn't.
Although we had decided on Sophie early on, towards the end we changed our mind. I took a list of Irish names with me and really wanted Aisling or Caoimhe. I also liked Fiona. While I was in recovery William suggested Sarah which I vetoed because of someone I know called Sarah. So we went back to Sophie but I really wish I had called her Aisling. I don't like her full name at all. Boys were Cormac, Cathal or Eamonn.
Ellen, Eleanor, Elise, Helen, Hazel (ok, was I on crack?), Diane, Jane...
But E won out in the end...heeheehee
A little late to respond...sorry as I'm just catching up!

Now, my girls that will never be? We had chosen Lauryn Claire both times. She never happened.

Other boys names were Cole (Ryan's middle name) and Trey. I think Austin may have been in there too; I'd have to consult the baby books to be for certain. I documented EVERYTHING at one time! ;)
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