Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It is funny how all of the things that I worried about while pregnant, were completely rediculous.

I wondered how I would ever get by on no sleep. I am not good when I don't get enough sleep. I mean, no one is really. But lack of sleep triggers migraines for me, so this was a huge concern.

My daughter sleeps 8 to 10 hours a night. Woo! I am sure that will change at some point, but for now, she's a champion sleeper. I worried how I would do at keeping her entertained. I have spent a lot of time around babies in the past, but there is still so much that I don't know. Everyone kept telling me not to worry, that instinct would kick in. That it has.

I worried how I would keep up with the house. I manage. :O)

I am thoroughly enjoying being a Mom. I love this little being more and more every day. She is such a joy. She has found her voice, so she can get quite loud at times lol. She is also fascinated by her feet at the moment. Her hands are usually in her mouth, and when she wakes up I swear she is the happiest soul on the planet.

Ahh I love her...and now, some photos I snapped today. My Mom got her that outfit the other day..soo cute!

She's soo cute, and I'm so jealous about how long she sleeps, my baby is still up every 3 hrs through the night :(
Awwww...how cute! She's such an adorable chunky l'il monkey!

Don't get too cushy in that sleep-pattern though if you have another. I thought because my first one was a champion sleeper (8 hours / night from 6 weeks on) that I'd be that lucky the second time. [Borat] NOT! [/Borat] He finally sleeps, but I never thought I'd see the day and it took him over a year to get there.
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