Thursday, June 01, 2006


I had another ultrasound today...
Maya is weighing in at 2 pounds 15 ounces. Not sure how long she is...I forgot to ask once we saw all of the hair.

Yep. Shes got a full head of hair. You could see it floating in the the fluid. I was amazed, and thus forgot to inquire about her length! I see the Doc tomorrow, so I will ask then. Her heartbeat was 145 bpm, and everything looks good. (but we already knew that!)

I cannot tell you how happy I am that she has hair. I know some will fall out and all that. But still... :O)

It smells bad in here today. They just put sealer on the tiles in the kitchen. Ugh. I probably should run out and do some errands, but in all honesty, I am too damned tired.

I will post the ultrasound pics we got today later on. Todd took them to work to show her off. Once he scans them and sends them to me, I will post. We FINALLY got a good profile shot, we have a shot of the hair, a good shot of her face and a shot of her girly bits. The tech referred to them as her 'hamburger', and I don't know about you, but I find that to be somewhat unsettling.

So much for burgers for dinner...

Hamburger?? Good grief..there are so many better things she could call it.

My doc would never tell me how long my baby was; he said there's really not a good way to measure it, so it wouldn't be anywhere near accurate anyway. I LOVED seeing that my baby had hair too...because I was bald until about age 3.
Isn't that weird how they say that. I think my lady actually said cheeseburger though. She said if it was a boy you'd see golf balls. lol
Yah that's not the greatest term for it, is it? lol.
That is so cool that you can see her hair! I can't wait to see the new u/s pics.
hahahaha... I call it a twinkie..
Babies born with a full head of hair are hands down...the CUTEST! =)
Cant wait to see those cool pics!
Hair is gonna look so cuuuuute in the newborn pics (take it from someone that had one with a full head o' hair for the first kid, and then a baldie for the next one).

Happy birthday to yooooooooooooou!
The tech didn't name any girl parts. She said "I don't see a turtle, so it's probably a girl." I laughed at turtle, I thought they were supposed tobe professionals, but hamburger's way worse.
i always thought it was referred to as a taco? lol
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