Friday, June 30, 2006

Week 34 !!

Holy Moly! Can you say 'slacker'? LOL
We have been so busy around here that I just cannot justify sitting my fat ass in front of the computer for very long. I check my mail and that is about it...

We are getting new flooring installed today. So we had to empty out the living room, and of course that meant that I had to actually CLEAN stuff. Yuk. When the guy ripped up our nasty ass carpet, you could see where the previous owners dogs had been peeing. Freaking gross. I am SO glad to be rid of that shit.

We started painting the hall last night. The new color we chose is SO much better. We are going to do the hall and the dining room, and then let Steve, our painter, do the rest.

I have Maya's room almost all ready. All of her clothes are washed and put away, as well as most of her other things. We still need to change all of the outlets, switches and covers and put up the new blinds, but we have a little time yet for that. Rome wasn't built in a day, right?


We had the baby shower last weekend. It was wondermous. Photos at the conclusion of this post. I also had maternity shots done, and will get some of those posted as well...(meh, will have to wait til later, I gotta get to my appointment!!)

I am getting large(r), and uncomfortable, but I cannot complain as everything seems to be going along well. I have a Docs appointment today at 12:15. According to my new fancy digital scale, I have gained 4 and a half pounds in two weeks. Good LORD.

It has been nice having Todd home as of late. He starts a new job on the 10th with a really great company. The last place he was at, ugh. It is a LONG as story, one that I will post about on Tikigirl very soon. The whole ordeal has been a great source of unrest for him, as well as for me.

I see that one of my friends is now blogging. I found her by accident. I am not sure if we are still friends though, which is sad. She comments on other blogs, but not mine. Her hubby and mine used to be friends. Not sure what happened there either, other than the fact that Todd feels quite slighted by him...long story, again, that will come to light in my other blog.

Anyway, welcome to the blogging world, Amy.

34 weeks!! Pregnancy seems to go by so much faster when you're watching someone else go through it.
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