Monday, June 19, 2006

Week 32

We had a Docs appointment today. We are measuring at 34 weeks, I lost 5 pounds (!) and Maya's heartbeat was good and strong, in the 140 range.

She is so active these days. It is so amazing...

Just trudging along with trying to get the house in order. It seems like the more we try to organize and clean, the more nutty things get LOL. Her room WILL be complete by Friday if it freaking KILLS me. Our baby shower is Sunday afternoon and afterwards we are coming back to the house, and we are having maternity portraits done. My friend Robyn is an AMAZING, budding photographer and I can NOT wait!!! She has had only boys to photograph thus far and is as excited about taking pictures of Maya as I am! I am so very VERY fortunate to have her to do this for us.

I feel as large as a house. And I still have some ultrasound pics to post. Sorry about that. I got a new computer and I am still transferring stuff over to my new laptop..

I need to go find some Tums...and pee. Again.


Oh wow, i bet the maternity portraits will be beautiful, I hope you post them :) Hope you have a great time at your shower too. Can't wait to see the u/s pics. Glad your dr. appointment went well, take care.
I hope you share the maternity pictures!!

So glad to hear that little Maya is doing well. Just a few more weeks to go...:).
Ah, yes, the Tums. My best friend. Well, them and Zantac 150.

g-d bless 'em all!!
I'm in the middle of packing up props right now as a matter o' fact! :-)

Pepcid AD maximum strength. I ingested it by the box full with both boys...
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