Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New look!

And for the life of me I cannot get it to look right in IE. Imagine that? And I don't have time to mess with it any more so... pffft. Get Firefox or something is all I can say! :OP

Maya is growing like a weed. She is such a happy baby. It is SO easy to make her laugh. And when she really gets going, I just want to bust. She is still hating tummy time. Grr. If you put her on her tummy, she will 'swim'. She wants to go in the worst way, yet she won't stay up on her arms for very long. She goes all flat and starts to cry. Her frusteration frusterates me. But I remain positive and I cheer her on, even if I really want to tape sticks to her arms to keep her UP. LOL (and NO, I would never actually do that....)

She is eating lotsa good stuffs like peas and sweet taters and peaches. So far, carrots have given her a bit of an issue, so we will hold off on giving her any more of that for a bit. They went RIGHT through her, and she was cranky as hell until they were out of her system. They gave Mommy a scare too. I went to change her diaper. It was twilight and I did not put a light on. When I undid her diaper, it looked like blood to me and I nearly died right there. I flicked on the light, and saw that it was just completely undigested carrot. yummy.

Today she was a bit of a crank too. There was just no pleasing her. She has been gnawing on her hands like a mad woman and she has been sleeping a LOT. I am wondering if Mister Toofers #1 may be trying to break on through?

EEEEE! My baby, with TEETH! Eek. She also has a nasty case of cradle cap (cradle crap lol). Heather gave me some stuff she said worked good on her boys, so I gave it a go and WOW. It loosened all that shit up in a jiffy! It is almost ALL gone. Thanks, H!

She is 5 months old today. I was sitting in the living room earlier, looking at a picture of her and I that was taken on the night that she was born. I sort of relived the whole thing in my head. It still seems so surreal. I got all misty-eyed.

Ok, I cried like a baby. *sigh* I have been in to look at her sleeping at least 4739437 times tonight. She's getting so big. She sleeps on her side, switching sides periodically throughout the night. Just like her Mommy. T mentioned tonight how he thought it was so cute that she changes sides to be comfortable. And how cute she is now that she is not just a 'blob' (for lack of a better term!) anymore, and that she makes choices like that.

So far the only thing I regret doing is feeding her in my recliner. Throughout the day, if I want to sit and snuggle with her, I have to do it on the loveseat, or else she is lookin' for a bottle!! LOL

She loves to play with her toys, and eagerly grabs things from me when I offer them to her. She definitely wants to be upright. She doesn't want to miss anything, you know. :O)

And now, some photos. So now you all can quit naggin' me for a bit! :P


Watching tv


On Gramma's lap


I can't wait for Tues to get here so i can see her again... It's killing me to cancel this week but dang... I will be there!!!

give her hugs for me!!
I love the new look and all those adorable pictures!
Love the new layout! Very fancy. She looks adorable. Sophie just got her first tooth and she was a miserable so and so. Even more than usual! What did you use for the cradle cap? I usually just use baby oil, works great, but so greasy.
OMG that last one??? SOOOO YOU! lol
Thank God you had Maya!
I am SO HAPPY for you...
The last pic? It's killing me!
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