Monday, November 20, 2006

Three Months!!

I cannot believe that she is 3 months old already. The time really does fly.
And, I really cannot remember life without her.

She is very vocal, with all of the cooing and gurgling and bubble blowing that she does. I got a real honest to goodness laugh out of her yesterday. I promptly melted into my recliner. *sigh*

She is doing great on her tummy. She won't tolerate it for long, but holds herself high before she starts to grump. We have had to switch her formula a few times. We had her on Enfamil, and it was too heavy. She was spitting up like mad. Doc said to put her on Carnation Good Start. We did, but again with the excessive spit-up. So I put her on Enfamil A.R and she is doing wonderfully. She keeps it all down, and the pooper is working effectively. I have to give her prune juice about once or twice a week though to keep all that in working order.

We spent the weekend on a camping trip with Todds work. We left the baby with my Mom. I honestly never worried, not even once. I did miss her like crazy though. So did her Daddy. We had a GREAT time camping though and will hopefully be doing it again in the spring. Todd works for a GREAT company, they really treat their employees well. We had SO much fun. :O)

Here is a pic I snapped the other day, I call this one "Missed it by thatmuch!" Hah.

HA!! Missed it by that much...that's cute. She is such a doll!! Time is truly seems like yesterday that I was checking your blog daily in anticipation of her birth.
Three months - holy cow!
just wait til she starts school...then your head will truly spin with the rapid passing of each day!

she looks like she has the best personality...way too cute!
she looks like Todd...
soo cute!! i loved this age. when 4 months comes it gets even better!

have fun!
She's too darn cute! I love all the pics of her.

Glad that the enfamil is working better for her.
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