Monday, November 06, 2006

I don't even pay that for ME.

I don't get it. I don't care how much money you make, how can you justify spending $65 on a pair of jeans for baby?? A pair of jeans they MAY wear a FEW times at best??

I am not paying $65 so my kid can have a Ralph Lauren advertisement on her. That is just crazy. No offense if any of you shop there for baby. I just can't see doing it.

I saw this polo shirt that I want to get for Maya, she would look SO cute in it. But damn, not for the price they want for it. Gah.

Anyway. Anyone remember those shirts with the little alligator embroidered on the breast? Who made that? Do they still make them?

I want an alligator shirt.... heh.

Maya is doing great. There are a ton of people that check this site, my Moms been giving out the URL like crazy. So, Hi everyone! I promise to get some photos up this week. She is growing like mad!

Lacoste has the alligator.

Yep, Izod. And you can own a brand spanking new one from the Nordie's in International Plaza (saw 'em on display last month) for only $72.00. The little kids ones are merely $60.00. Whee!
Ha ha...Lacoste..yes, they still make those. I see golfers wearing them all the time. I also would never pay big bucks for baby clothes. I've caught myself eying a little Ralph Lauren long sleeve polo for Lila, but the prices are ridiculous. Have you ever been in Strasburg Children's Clothing?? They sell fancy stuff, but dang they're soooo expensive.
By the way, if you want to spend insane amounts on ador-a-bubble little baby girls' clothing, I suggest:

(But my secret weapon is eBay! I get the namebrand stuff cheaper than I could dress 'em at Tarjhèt.)
shit, for 72.00 you can get 4 shirts say "crikey" on them.

Much more fashionble for the price. LOL
pfft. Jen. Hello, where did Jen go? ALLIGATOR shirts? Helloo, Motley Crue and Dokken and WWF do not do alligator shirts. Please God where is Jen?
Stace, Motley Crue and Dokken and WWF were like...almost 20 years ago. LOL

And WWF? Not. Bret Hart? YES. LOL
He is really the only reason I watched, once he left, so did I! :OP

I had the alligator shirts when I was a kid...want to get some for Maya.

(although I DO still listen to MC once in awhile, and Dokken, well, I will ALWAYS love them. hee)
It IS insane. My children own a few pieces but believe you me, I did not buy them. A certain grandmother and aunt can't pass through macy's without picking up something for the girls. They have money to burn I guess.
i loved the alligators too! for my kids? target, old navy, and gap. thats as fashionable as we get around here.
Tommy Hilfiger is great on Boxing Day! And the outlets are pretty reasonable.

Seriously? Bret Hart? He's doing a play here this month. It's Aladdin and it seems to have a wrestling theme. Looks weird.
Yuh. I had it bad for Bret for many years... LOL.
me thinks is was IZOD...
you should check out the consignment shops, kids resale shops...they rock! especially for baby clothes. name brands for a fraction of the cost. sometimes you can get stuff with the tags still on.
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