Saturday, October 21, 2006

My lil' Punkin'

We took a trip to a local pumpkin patch today. Would have gone a lot better and been able to take a lot more pics had it not been 91 frikkin' degrees out there today, in the shade no less! Oy man it was hot.

So we did the best we could! These photos were taken by my friend Robyn. Many thanks to her for inviting us. Cannot wait to see what next week brings!

I also took some pictures with my camera, and will hopefully have a good one or two to post later tomorrow. For now, the gems Robyn took...

Chillin'' is more like it! I felt bad putting a hat on her..and my Mom knitted those booties just for this occasion, so on they went! Thanks for the booties Mom..LOVE them!!

She was aaaall done by this point (this was like...10 minutes after we got there!!)

And this one that Robyn titled "Homeslice". She was grabbing her crotch, and she looks as if she is about to flip the bird...


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i love the first pic.... she is so so cute...
She is SO cute in all that Halloween attire! I LOVE the first one.
So adorable. I can't wait to do Halloween pics!
poor, baby! her first taste of cooler weather is coming! hooray!
So damn cute....

She is so perfectly smooshable! Can't wait to see her again when we're not torturing her with heat exhaustion!
It was like 50 today and it's supposed to get down to 30 tonight.
pfft by the time I get to throw lovins on her, she'll be 5 and aware of strangers. Homeslice! LOL!!
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