Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am so in love....

I love her I love her I love her. *sigh*
She is just so unbelievably snuggly.

I was just thinking, even though I REALLY do not want to rush things, I cannot wait until she is old enough to play with Play Doh! Weeee! LOL

I look forward to all that stuff!

We have a Docs appointment on the 31st. She has been spitting up a LOT the last two weeks. It seems to get worse every day. And she's been having trouble pooping. Poor kid. No one should have to strain like that. So I suppose her formula will change. Of course. Because I have a HUGE unopened can of it in the cabinet. When we bought it, Todd said to me "Let's just buy one." But nooooo, I had to 'stock up'. Pffft.

Again, I am a bad Momma. She has this face she makes when, after all of that struggling, she is actually pooping, that puts me in hysterics. I will have to get a picture of it. My Mom finally got to witness it last weekend, and the two of us sat there cracking up. Poor kid. Time to start lining up the therapists.....

She is so much more alert now. I am loving it. She smiles SO much, and coos and makes all kinds of squeaky noises. I cannot wait until she just breaks out into a laugh, she is sooo close.

Every time she smiles, whether at me or the wall (lol) I just about melt into the floor. *sigh*

Pictures forthcoming this weekend.

You can bring that unopened can of formula back to Babies R' Us for store credit if you don't have the receipt for wherever you bought it. I got formula as a shower gift, which I thought was weird. They accepted it at BRU b/c they don't do was the only place I could find.
Enfamil sent us samples of Pregestimil that Winn-Dixie took back. Play-Doh is so much fun! I got the little containers to take to restaurants.
I would have never thought to get the small containers to tke to restaurants.
Petunia, where were you when my son was a 2 year old pain in the ass at the restaurants?
Hi Jen! I read your comment to me on Statia's blog, so I thought I'd just pop over here to respond, since I couldn't find your email. So, sorry in advance for hijacking your comments! I actually do think belly pics are creepy - but then again, I think people in mascot costumes are creepy! Weird, huh? When I uploaded my own single solitary belly pic from my pregnancy to Flickr for posterity, before I could make it private, three people (strangers!) had made it a "favorite". So that really creeped me out.

Sorry again for the comment hijack.
How did she do today? And more importantly - how did momma do? Can't wait to get a smile on camera! :-)
You will never forget the first time she laughs at you. Big, giant, baby, belly laugh. It's great.
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