Tuesday, October 31, 2006

First round down...

Today was Maya's two month wellness visit, even though she is two and a half months.. they scheduled us a little late for some reason. Anyway, she weighed in at 11.5 pounds and 22 inches, right in the 50th percentile. Doc says she's got excellent head/neck strength/control, she is plumping nicely, and is cute as can be. Duh! lol

She was all smiles until the shots. Now. I knew they would make her cry, but DAMN. She screamed like someone was hacking off a limb. I cried. *sigh*

I plopped her bottle in her mouth as soon as they were done and she all but forgot about it. She is a bit cranky this evening, but so far has avoided spiking a fever.

I wanted to kill the lady who gave her the shots. Poor woman. How do you stick babies like that??? I mean, I KNOW its all for the greater good and all that, but I so could not do that!! What a job! She was an incredibly nice lady, she talked to Maya the whole time and kept apologizing..

Doc says I have to start giving her prune juice to help with some issues, but other than that she's perfect.


And with that, I am off to snuggle my little girl while she (hopefully) falls asleep!


Ah, Man, I so know what you mean! I cried with each of my boys for the first two years!! Once they reached the two year mark, they were both okay with the shots; okay meaning no more tears. Somebody forgot to tell me that as I still had tears streaming down my cheeks!!

Good thing is, Maya will never remember it!!
I mentioned this on my blog a while ago...when Lila got her last shots, she shot the nurse a look from Hell after it was over...it was so funny. The nurse told me that when she goes to the store after work sometimes kids will see her in her clothes, recognize her as the shot lady, and run. HA! What a job.
ooh I've been waiting for a shot post from ya. Wait till she's old enough to try and get away, or scream NOOOOOOOOO! But then again she might be like Julie, a trooper who takes the shot and just shuts her eyes when it happens.
Me an David? We're screamers.
Sophie hated her shots too. Who doesn't at that age, I suppose. When my oldest was about 18 months or so, they actually had to tie her down for a blood test. She was so scared of needles she never did have her 5 year old immunizations.

Glad to hear Maya is doing so well.
I was only a crazy woman with Sydni. Being the first and all. Through the first year. After that? I was all, "Toughen up girl."
Davis probably thinks I don't care. I've been the "toughen up" route pretty much her entire life. Something about the second child.
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