Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What the ??

I don't get it.

When I took Maya to her Docs appointment the other day, I had 3 different encounters where I wanted to smack the other person right in the nose. I had Maya dressed all in pink. Pink onesie, pink socks, pink bib, pink blanket, all snuggled into her pink carseat. And STILL people asked if she was a boy or a girl.


Who puts their boy all in pink? Am I missing something here or are people REALLY that stupid?

People are really that stupid. I have only had one person do that to me, a male coworker and in his defense I did have Lila in a blue dress that day. But generally, I've heard just about every single person I know that has a daughter say that people have said stuff like that to them. I can't stand people sometimes.
"Who puts their boy all in pink?"

Richard Simmons' mom?
Dude they did the samething to the boys. I say they are just stupid!!
It's usually old people that say shit like that...like, you could have her cuca right out in the open changin her diaper and they'd not be satisfied without asking. duh??

oh, i luv the new lilypie timer thingy, very cute...

and...>>>> over there, it still well..it says youre pregnant.

PICTURES! Want more cute snuggly wuggly baby pics! soon! or im gonna burst.
People really are that dense. Sad, isn't it? We have the Graco stoller-- the one that's obnoxiously pink but that I'm totally in love with. People still ask if it's a boy. Hello???
hey... as long as they stopped asking when you're due lmao...
When I was 8, someone at a McDonalds told their child to say thanks to the nice boy. 8 years old people. surely the pink tracksuit and my name (a classic, clear as day GIRLS name) was a dead giveaway folks.
at least Maya isn't old enough to be scarred by it!
Yep, people really are that stupid. I have had a few asking the gender, I just say, ahhhh she's a girl, hello, pink!

I agree, more pics!
You might remember these. T was wearing an "I'm the baby brother" onesie once and we got asked "boy or girl?" People go brain-dead around babies. No other explanation.
Same thing happened to us too. Davis looked like a boy when she was born though. lol
It usually was old people who would follow by saying, "well, you never know these days...". I've never seen a newborn boy dressed in pink from head to toe either.
Can you even believe that Maya is almost a month old?
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