Monday, September 25, 2006

wee Maya... 2 days old...

Her hospital photos...
We almost did not get them. I am SO glad that we did.


oh Jen. Jen, Jen, JEN! You put one of those headbands on her head. *sigh*
THANK YOU Stellina. LMAO. I was all, DOH!!! But she is still precious and still has the most amazing set of lips. I really think she looks like her Daddy in this one. Minus the friggin headband. ;)
beautiful! =)
She looks adorable!

Sophie was the first of my four that I ordered the pictures for...and I wonder what I wast hinking of not to get them for theolder ones. I especially love the License to Charm cards. My son carries one in his wallet...very cute.
She is beautiful!
Yeah, those are so cute. I thought about not buying Lila's b/c they were a little goofy, but I'm also really glad I did get them.
I did not get hospital pics of either one of my kids.
oh well.
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