Friday, September 29, 2006


For the last few days, Maya has done nothing but sleep. She wakes to eat and get changed, and promptly goes back to sleep. I can do nothing to keep her awake! I feel like a bad momma. I know she's just doing what most babies her age do. But I feel like I should be doing something, anything, with her, besides leaving her to sleep the day away.

My house is damned near spotless though. All I have left to do is mop the floors and this place is museum-like. Even my office got the royal treatment today. Woo. It is SO nice in here!!

Todd went all Cinderella on me last night and scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom floors on his hands and knees. So my bathrooms and my kitchen are all sparkly! There is not one stitch of laundry that needs to be done either. It is ALL done. AND put away! The dog even got a bath!

So, there IS an upside to her sleeping all day. The downside is that I miss her. I want to play with her. I want to read to her. I want to smell her head. LOL

However, when I wake her, she is NOT happy at ALL, so I just let her sleep....



Jen count your blessings. Mine will not sleep during the day unless she is held and my house is falling apart! My mind is not far behind.
Wait - you're complaining about this? Can I trade you T for a week so I can finally clean my house after 15 months? Pretty please! ;-p
Maya Rocks.
"all cinderella on me"
I used to read to Jess even while she was sleeping. Sometimes newborns fall into what's called "active alertness." It looks like she's sleeping but she can hear you. Jess absolutely loves to read! She'll curl up with a bunch of books and slowly turn the pages. When I read to her I sometimes stop and let her finish. It's so cool! She even asks to go to the library.
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