Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ok, since she called me on it in my comments.. here goes. The rest of you can disregard this post.

First of all Amy, yes, I assumed it was you hitting my site, because I knew you read both here and at Tiki. I also assumed that Dave hit the site occasionally as well, looking for the dirt. However, there will be no dirt, as unlike you two, we have moved on.

You act as if what I was going to post was about you (Dave), I wonder why that is so? Why are you both so interested in what I was going to post? Hmmm? Pfft.

Let me ask you this? How would either one of you feel if the other suddenly wanted to die? How would you feel, looking into the eyes of the other, and seeing NOTHING looking back at you? Nothing but an empty shell of the person you love? How would you feel, sitting there helplessly as the other crumbled, personally, emotionally, professionally?

I am not sure what you two believe, or know to be true. I am not sure either of you care. But until you have lived with someone who is bipolar, you should NOT come to your own conclusions. You, being the good christian folk that you are, I (we) figured there would be some understanding there, at least from Dave.

So, with that, go away then. There will be no post to make your head spin. So sorry to disappoint you both.

And no more comments regarding the issue either please. If you have something else to say, you have my phone number, and you have my email address. This blog is about Maya.

This blog is about Maya.
And what a BEAUTIFUL reason to blog.
What bek said. Must be a sad lonely life when you have to troll new first-time parents PINK websites about their new baby girl to carry forth your own pathetic dark agenda. Browsers all have back buttons and these nice little "x" icons to close them entirely. You can even type in "" in the address bar and find many more sites on teh intarwebs suited to your personal tastes.

I suggest you leave us back to our regularly scheduled dose of baby-girlness and get a life and MOVE ON. They have, in most beautiful fashion.
I agree!!!

Everyone has moved on and so should you both!!
And I for one can't wait to hear more about MAYA :).
Don't be so judgemental. Not a very attractive personality trait and you certainly need to be a good role model now that you have a daughter of your own.
Umm Zee.. keep your comments to yourself. You are barking up the wrong tree. I know Jen and her family.. and she dont need the stupid comments you make and she is a great role model for her daughter, as well as her dad is too.
Um, Zee, unless I know you personally, shut it.

Amy chose to come here and say things that should have been said on my other blog, or should have just been said in a personal email.

And how was I being judgemental??
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