Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Guess who gets a REAL bath tomorrow?
Her umbilical stump just fell off, leaving her with the cutest belly button ever.


Congrats!!! Take lots of pics of her first bath!!!
Yay! And now with the new belly button, I have another excuse to photograph her. ;-p

I can't believe it made it this long after Sunday though! She's officially yours though...no returns once the tag is removed. ;-)
Cute, Robyn!!

Yeah, I was going to mention this one thing; it's called a CAMERA. I know you must take 234325 shots a day...howsabout sending one or two (or twenty) our way? You've had enough rest (only kidding of course), now UPLOAD!
I saved my kids stumps and made shadowboxes containing the stump, the birth announcement and our wrist bands from the hospital.
(hey, my verification word is "zvbeer" lol)
Yayy! She's turning into a big girl ;)
yes, definitely pics of the first bath!!!h
I just read your birth story; I LOVE those! Takes pictures of the first bath...can't wait to see :).
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