Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Week 38

No change from last week.


Doc looks at my chart, looks at me and says "Good to see you are alive this week..."
I shoot her a look of utter confusion, and she says "Your blood pressure was 120/88, higher than your average 90/60..."


My BP has always been on the low side. She said no worries though because it is still within normal range, no protein in the ol' urine, and no change with my cervix.


Maya IS running out of room though. I have an appt. on the 8th, if there is no change at that point, then we schedule an induction.


And with that I am off to nap. I am running on empty here....

Yep. Same as me. I hated that high blood pressure feeling -- even when the numbers (for the rest of the population) read "normal".

Good luck! Can't wait to hear!
okay, i have good news, and i have bad news. lmao. the good news? i too was having higher-than-normal blood pressures toward the end with ryan. after two visits of high bp's i was scheduled for an induction in the next 48 hours. they didn't like the higher bp's, granted, they were still 'normal', but different for me i suppose.

so, YAY to the induction. buttttt, after having justin sans induction, i can assure you that induction is NOT the way to go, if you can at all avoid it. holy mother, WHAT A DIFFERENCE.

so, lol, that's my good and my bad. not that it matters, but i'm just sayin', i was pretty much the same as you at this point. but of course, everybody and every pregnancy is different. ;)
As you probably remember, I was induced, and based on what everyone has told me, it's supposed to be much easier w/out being induced...soooo I hope you go into labor on your own. BUT, if not by the 8th, then I'm sure you'll be ready to get it over with regardless of how it happens.
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