Monday, August 21, 2006

More coming soon!

First, I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments and emails and such!!
I will post her birth story and all that soon...for now though, a photo or two!

Sleeping Beauty, taken by Daddy

At the hospital, snuggling with Mom

Hangin' with Gramma! Big yawn!! Either that or she's all "ENOUGH with the camera already people..."

She is so pretty... We are so happy for you all... many hugs.. --H
She is so pretty! Congratulations to you both.
she looks so tiny!! so THAT'S what a six pound baby looks like - lol! she is beautiful - Congratulations again!!
She's sooooooooooooo beautiful -- I can't wait to see her again! Makes my heart just burst seeing her in the crib finally! CONGRATS!!!!!
So cute! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!!!
OMG so gorgeous. I don't care what anyone says she is soooo ALL YOU.

the hair, that is great! lol


Aww..Jen, she's gorgeous! I'm a firm believer that not all babies are pretty, but yours SO is. My little one was just a little smaller when she was born, and now almost five months later it's almost impossible to believe she was ever that tiny. Cherish the time you have while she's so little.

By the way, that basinet looks very similar to Lila's port-a-crib, and we love it...great purchase!
so precious! you did good!
She's BEAUTIFUL, Jen!! Congratulations to all of you. I am so happy for you!
She is so gorgeous. She looks soalert in the bottom picture, I have a hard time catching Sophie with her eyes open!
She's gorgeous. Absolutely perfect. She does look so tiny compared to my 16lb chunky monkey now. How fast they grow. Congrats again. :)
omg can you even IMAGINE you have your own daughter, Jen!! I am so excited and happy for you! Yay and you're BACK! I hope your belly feels okay!
She's perfect Jen! You did good Mama! I look forward to seeing more pictures of little Maya! Little girls are the best.
she is beautiful, congratulations!
FYI I did not visit your site last night. It was Dave. I saw it in our history this morning. So no being gender specific and saying "she." Anyway, I am happy for you and Todd that Maya is here and perfect. Go ahead and block me now! I don't care who visits my site.
BTW We keep checking for the story that will make our freakin' heads spin. Can't wait!
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