Friday, August 11, 2006

Holy shit. Week 40!

I can NOT believe that it is August 11th. Time has just flown by.
I want to smack that ticker up there right off the page. She has NOT arrived. Of course. If she had there would be photographic evidence and much celebration going on.

Keep a watch on this space though. Laptop goes with to the hospital! As does the camera! I guess I better show Todd how to use this thing so he can upload some photos when she comes.

We have even contemplated setting up the webcam. LOL. NOT. Contemplated yes, doing it? No.

I am so ready.

And you know, I have never done this before, so this odd sensation I am getting? Not sure what it is. Could be a contraction. Does not hurt. Feels like maybe shes just trying to stretch out. If I am sitting, I have to stand up. It is very uncomfy. My belly gets hard, but only one the side that shes on..usually the right.

It is very weird.

Heartburn woke me up out of a blissfull sleep. I had a migraine all damned day yesterday. Ugh. Glad that it is gone.

Oh and another thing. Everyone keeps talking about the overwhelming urge to clean? Not here. This place is a sty. You outta see my floors. *screams*
I am too damned tired to think about all the cleaning that needs to be done. Does that make me lazy and bad?? Cause I am feeling like I SHOULD be cleaning. I just honestly don't have it in me. At this point, taking a shower exhausts me. I don't even bother drying off anymore. I just stand in front of my fan and air dry. Seriously.

And most days I don't even shower til like 5...ugh.

tight belly = contraction..but you've problly been feeling those for awhile..

god dammit i want pictures..

and um, if you set up a webcam, my suggestion? put it BEHIND your head...seriously...the full view people should just not be allowed to see for free. ;)

sounds like a contraction to me!!! i love that you still have the energy to want to smack the shit out of the ticker at the top! i keep checking the page a few times a day!!!
omg already. GET OUT MAYA!
I hope you don't make it till your next appointment.
The early contractions don't hurt...just feel weird/uncomfortable. So that could be whats happening! The real ones, for me, felt like menstrual cramps....from hell.
That's definitely a prelabor sort of contraction...the real'll feel those :).

I didn't have the cleaning urge either...guess it's just not in my blood to be a clean freak.
Girl, I've never had the urge to clean, and I've had 4 children. Wish i did though, hehe.

Here's hoping that you get some off the charts contractions and we all get to see Maya really soon :)
I never got the cleaning-nesting thing. That's what my mom and mother-in-law were for considering they'd each only been to Florida twice in the 9 years we'd lived here by the time the second arrived! ;-)

We're continuing to hold because Maya is important to us. C'mon little girl - give your momma a (water) break!
i told you before...MARCH! stomp your feet and lift your legs. lmao. seriously! i was two weeks late with justin and my aunt made me march around my grandmother's culdesac. i was admitted to the hospital less than two hours later, CRYING from the contractions that were no where close before the exercise. lol. i'm not kidding.

now, go!
Yeah, what got Aydan going was the grocery store trip and me pushing the cart for an hour. Never had the "nesting" urge either. Cleaning when I feel like I'm carrying a 40 pound weight strapped around my midsection? I think not.
Well poo to y'all, I nested.
Emmakirst is nuts to do this 4 times lol...
and my labor pains felt like someone was holding ice on my lower back; a burning throbbing hideous backpain menstrual cramp that throbbed and ached. Me no likey.
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