Friday, August 04, 2006


I guess she is feeling ultra snuggly up in here cause there ain't nothin' doin' yet.

She is not moving around with reckless abandon anymore either. I still feel her move, just not nearly as much. Which helps with the whole sleeping thing. So I am able to get some good sleep time (sometimes) but that is interrupted with WEIRD ass dreams.

Bah. I am going back to bed...

when you clean your whole house spotless until you can see it gleaming and even the cats are afraid to sit down....then you are so tired you sit on the couch all arched back with your belly hitting the ceiling and that look like you've partied for 9 days straight with only 5 hours sleep in your eyes....GO BLOG YOUR LAST POST cuz you wont' make it another day.

good luck....and if you have her on my birthday i would be so friggin honored.

UM, that would be sunday. oh, and don't have sex, instant labor (unless its sunday) ;) xo
I will die laughing if her water breaks in the store. KERSPLASH!
Yeah wait till you clean like a damn fool. HEY! I have sympathy cleaning because today I cleaned the house like a preggers girl! Actually the day Julie was born, I felt the backache and took a shower, shaved my legs and was at the hospotal at 8am. 12 hours later she was born.
I was away for a couple days and I was just sure you'd had her...guess I was wrong. Every day you get a little closer!!
that baby up there looks a little overcooked, dontcha think?

done cleaning?
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