Monday, August 14, 2006


Surgery has been scheduled for Wednesday at 7 a.m.
August 16th will be Maya's birthday....

Holy. SHIT.

Cannot WAIT to meet her!!!!! You're going to do great, mommy! :-)
I can't wait either... its going to be great to meet her...
Yayyy on finally having a date, wow, that's like only 2 days away, really only 1, cause today is almost over! I can't wait to see some pics, you'll do fine :)
Well at least you can plan things nicely when you know when it's going to happen. No rushing around trying to find bags or in my case, packing one after your water breaks at 3 a.m.
I'll be thinking about you guys! Can't wait to see little Maya!
Why did I not see this last night? I swear I checked.

Congrats, I can't wait for pics.
ooh and every year when she wakes up, it will be official, no waiting till 3 in the afternoon to be an official year older...
Thinking of you...only not at 7am as I will be sleeping...but most DEFINITELY as soon as I wake up. By that time, you'll be A MOM!!!!
Can't wait to meet you tomorrow, Maya - best wishes mom and dad!
Welcome to the world (in 7 hours) little Maya.

You share your birthday with my cute little nephew Tylor!
Yeeeeeeehaw! Can't wait to meet you little one.
2 1/2 hours to go till you get here... I can't wait to meet you.

I will be posting pictures as soon as Mom gets to her room and we have everything set up...

ugh 7:38 am... WHATS GOING ON!!!
I'm going crazy over here waiting for the phone to ring - I know she has to be here by now! WELCOME TO THE WORLD, MAYA!
8:51 am... I sit here with baited eyes...
Stellina, I think you're going as crazy waiting as I am! :-)
Also trolling, pacing, holding my breath!
9:11AM!!!!!!!!! I'M AWAKE NOW!!!!!!
Ok, Heather just called me -- Jen got into the OR late, but MAYA IS HERE!

Jen is in recovery right now and Todd is with the baby. He got a really good photo of her all stretched out in the incubator but Heather is having a really hard time getting a 'net connection because they don't have a room yet.

So I've been asked to post those stats that everyone is holding their breath for...

Arrived: 8:16 a.m. EDT
6 lbs., 6.5 oz.
20" long
full head of hair

We have baby!!! :-) Congrats to the new family of three!!!
I guess I should also add...mother and baby are doing just fine!
Wooooo!!! Congratulations!!! Now get settled so that we can SEE her! Happy recovery!
WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS THIS! I am so impatient, I need to see this baby STAT! lol...
FINALLY! That was torture.
Congratulations FAMILY!
Congratulations Jen. Can't wait to see her picture.
YIIIIPPPPEEE! I love those babies with full heads of hair (not biased at all!) CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My babies were almost bald, with the softest dusting if fair hair on their squishy heads. I loved rubbing my lips on the back of their heads when they were babies. *sigh*
And their skin was so damn soft...
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