Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Birth Story Part 2

So, off to recovery I go. I was feeling really pukey at this point, so once they got me settled, they gave me something for it. Why don't they make that stuff available to us when we are pregnant and walking around looking green???

I fell asleep for awhile, and when I came to, Todd was standing there. He told me Maya was beautiful and perfect and that he loved me. He asked me how I was doing, and told me that everyone was getting nervous because I had been in recovery for awhile now (2 hours at that point). For some reason they didn't have a room for me. I was down there for 3 hours. I started getting pissed off at this point. So the nurse that was tending to me got on the phone, got pretty stern with someone, and had me outta there in about 20 minutes. When they wheeled me to the room, everyone was standing outside waiting for me, including my brother and my sister-in-law. That was nice, as I was not expecting them.

After getting me settled, we called the nursery for them to bring Maya to us, and THAT took WAY too long. Todd started humming to the nurses and they got her to us after that.

I unswaddled her so I could see her, all of her. She is so precious and perfect in every way. Even her little chicken legs. LOL

The next few days were rough, as if I did not ask for pain meds, they did not bring them to me. So we made it a point to make sure I had meds every 4 hours and I was ok. The gas was unbelievable. It hurt. A lot. It made it so that I could not move at all at times. Ugh. The food stunk, but only because they didn't send me half of the stuff I ordered half the time. The actual quality of the food was really not bad at all.

Anyway, that is really all there is to tell. We have been home for awhile now. Maya is two weeks old today. Her little cheeks are getting plump. She is more alert. And I love her more and more each day.

I sleep when she sleeps. The housework can wait! I value my sanity more than clean floors. Besides, Todds been taking care of all of that for me. He is amazing, and seeing him with her makes me melt.

Seeing my Mom with her has the same effect as well. *sigh*
She is bringing such joy to my family, and that is so wonderful to witness.

And with that, I am off.

and I am so happy for you... I am SO GLAD you made a decision to have a baby Jen. (toldja so) :0P
glad that it all went well for you and todd and maya. enjoy these days as they are the most precious. post more pics when you can !
What a great tale! I feel happy for you, even though I only know you through Stacey.

Know what though? I don't for one minute doubt what you say about your dad bringing you peace & calm at that critical moment.

I firmly believe that they remain with us in whatever capacity they can. My dad has been dead 13 years, and he still makes his presence known to me from time to time.

Your daughter is simply beautiful. Congratulations once again!

And, btw.... if you're so inclined, I'd like to keep up with your new blog. You can email me at: Sioux5910@aol.com

What a great birth story! Thanks for sharing with us. :) She is so pretty.
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