Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Which boob do you want? !

So, no more pieces. :O(
I never thought I would be so sad over something so gross. LOL

I met with Maya's future pediatrician today. I liked him. He came highly recommended by my OB. When I told him that, he looked at the paper I had just filled out, saw who my OB is, and said "Oh, yes, she brings her two children here!" Good enough for her? Good enough for me!

I was reading through some message boards earlier. I came across a post where a gal asked "At what point does breastfeeding become creepy?" Everyone jumped all over her, telling her that in no way is breastfeeding every creepy. Well, I agree with that, to a certain extent.

But I can remember one time that I found it...creepy. It was about 16 years ago. My sister had just had her first daughter and we went to the beach. B was sleeping in her playpen, and my sister and I were shootin' the breeze. Then we saw it. An older woman, whipping out her boobs and ASKING the child which boob he wanted. The kid responded by pointing and saying "That one..."

My sister and I just looked at each other, mouths agape. I also took notice at that point that the child had on a diaper. We started saying things like "Oh he must be a lot older than he looks.." etc. No. We thought he was about 5 or 6. We asked the woman at one point how old he was. He was 6.

SIX, in a diaper and STILL breastfeeding.

Sorry, but that classifies as creepy in my book. Not because I think it was sexual in any way, or anything like that. I do not believe it was. It just seemed so WRONG to me. I mean, most people, upon seeing a child that age with a bottle, would be like WTF?? I guess it is just a matter of personal opinion. My sister emailed me the other day asking me if I remembered that day, and it gave me a good chuckle..
It is hard to forget something like that!

I plan to breastfeed. I am going to give it a shot, anyway. If for some reason it doesn't work out, then it doesn't. If it does, great! I will try to keep up until shes 6 to 9 months old or so, or until she bites me, whichever comes first!

See, that's why I stay away from message boards, especially those of the mothering/pregnancy type. You can't say ANYTHING remotely negative about breastfeeding of they go all Nazi on you.

Lila is four months tomorrow, and she hasn't had a drop of formula since about week two. I am definitely an advocate of breastfeeding, but once you get past the point where the baby needs breastmilk then I can't really see the point of doing it. You may have read my post about the toddler who was nursing from his mama's ginormous boobies right in my face at the water park a few years ago. I thought it was creepy then, and even after nursing I still think it's creepy. Once a kid can walk up to you and start pulling up your shirt to self feed then it's time to put away the nursing bras b/c it becomes a comfort thing and that's really not something you want your child to get that attached to...or I guess you'll end up with a six year old who gets to decide which boob he wants for dinner. Good grief.
i enjoyed breastfeeding both my sons. most of the time its very easy and convenient. once you learn the tricks you can do it and people wont even know.
no bottles to fill and wash. just eat healthy and drinks your fluids and you should be fine!
hey breastfed babies are healthier and smarter than bottle formula fed babies. My kids are NEVER sick.
i think i breastfed Julie for like 6 months, David like a week or 2 because he just didn't get it... but he tries to see my boobs every chance he gets now.
When a baby gets teeth is when it is time to stop the ol skin nipple and switch to cup.
OMG i wonder if that was me!??? I asked that on a blog and i never went back to look, and now i forget what blog it was!!??

ok, so where was it?
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