Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Week 36

Almost 37 weeks. Eek. I had a doctors appointment today. The first thing the gal taking my bp said was "Well, you are almost there! If you go into labor now, no one will try to stop yah!" woot. :O)

Blood pressure was good, cervix is still closed up like Ft. Knox... booo! I didn't really expect it to be any different though. *sigh* Aaaand I gained 3 pounds. Good LORD get the ice cream OUT of this house. Oy. Three pounds. In ONE week people.


We registered to have her cord blood stored. There are LOTS of health issues on my Dads side of the family (autoimmune issues and heart problems galore), and I just feel a whoooole lot better in maybe having the potential there for help if something were to arise. I know it is no guarantee, but at this point its huge in the 'piece of mind' department!

So, that is that. Until next time.........

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