Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Ok ok, so I HAVE to keep posting here because my sisters and some friends up north use this site to keep up with whats happening.

So. I had an appt. today with my OB. She checked me and said everything is still closed up tight. The baby has dropped though, as evidenced by my measurement this week. Last week I measured in between 36 and 37 weeks, this week I am measuring in at around 34 to 35 weeks. This would explain my achin' pelvic region...

After my last visit, I had some spotting. After this visit, it is...well...different. I am going to get gross here so bear with me. I just went potty, and there were like..pieces in the toilet when I was done. Itty bitty pieces, but definitely pieces of something, not just spotting on the old drawers or toilet paper. Eeee!!

I figure because I am so ready to have this child that I am just grasping at straws here, or maybe its the old plug about to blow? That would rock.

Just wishful thinking on my part... *sigh*

Things on the homefront are much better after some much needed, in-depth conversation yesterday. I am waiting now for him to get in from work so we can chow a yummy dinner ( i am soooo hungry ) and watch a few episodes of House, MD. I wanna tell him about my pieces, but I think it may gross him out.. LOL

Oh yeah, it's definitely the plug. It can take a while for it to come all the way, but I'd say that's definitely good news.
Nah, men like to hear about plugs - especially while they're eating.

My plug for Julie was like a big snot in the toilet, like a cork sized jellyfish.
I never lost my plug for david... when I was in labor, my midwife bent me over the bed and had me push, and my water BLAMMO'd all over her and Richie hahahaha... i never saw Richie look so shocked in my life.
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