Thursday, July 20, 2006


Ok. I am SO ready. NOW.

My feet no longer look like my feet. And I no longer have ankles....They have swelled so much that they HURT.

When I was at the Docs the other day, she asked me about the swelling, and I gleefully told her "No swelling!"

That's what I get! pffft.

I have officially reached 'miserable'. Bring ON the CHILDBIRTH.


( and yes, that is BLUE nail polish.. you know, for the 4th of July! I haven't been able to get to them to take it off. :OP )

best thing to do is lay down on your left side... keep those tootsies up and elevated....
Girl put your feet up!

I went the entire pregnancy with no swelling and I was soooo proud of myself...then I got payback for being so prideful; after delivery my ankles started to look like tree trunks.
You poor thing - god I remember that, and it HURTS! Hang in there...
oh shit, I was gonna say Jen, your feet are so swollen your toenails are blue!
OMG the nailpolish is soooo I dunno what to say haha
Yes yes I know. I like blue, what can I say? I put it on once a year for 4th of July...

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