Sunday, July 23, 2006


Big time.
Over the last few years I have tolerated mess and clutter less and less. So I didn't think this nesting thing would really manifest itself in me.

Whoa..was I wrong.

Yesterday, instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, I cleaned. My kitchen is CLEAN. You could eat off of the floor, swear ta shit...
I rearranged cabinets, I organized and tossed out old stuffs. Now that everything is painted, I can hang things back up on the walls. I still have to clean the dining room and clean the floors, but one thing at a time.

Hubby and I aren't even dealing with each other at this point. He knows I am miffed. And he doesn't seem to care really. So...pfft. Whatever.

I guess pregnancy has made me look worse than I thought, because he doesn't even LOOK at me these days. I made a comment yesterday about how I guess our sex life is over for now, and he said that hes afraid hes going to hurt the baby. Riiight. He KNOWS he isn't going to hurt the baby. Again, whatever.

I have had enough of feeling like this. I never thought in a million years that things would be this way between us. Our relationship has always been so...magical. So electric.


You guys will get that spark back. I have heard that some men really do feel weird about having sex with a wife that is about to pop. Mine wasn't afraid, but he was a little cautious.
It's we've been there also. Twice! You're going to blow regardless of what he tells you - he can say you're beautiful and you'll rip his ass for being a lying asshole, orrrrrrr, he'll tell you that the baby's getting really big and you'll rip his ass for saying you're fat, orrrrr, he'll say you're getting fat and you'll rip his ass for being a bastard! Either way, he loses, and either way? Your hormones are OUT OF CONTROL. You're almost there...
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