Thursday, July 06, 2006

Heading into Week 35 *gulp*

Today has been so weird. I have not felt right all damned day. I have been really lightheaded and I feel like someone is sitting on my chest. I cannot seem to get a full breath. My chest and neck have felt tight at times, and my heart feels as if it is skipping a beat now and then. I can feel it fluttering too, which I HATE.

I will have to call my Doc tomorrow if I still feel like this. Any of you ever experience anything like this?

Maya has always been facing my left side. That is where all the kicks and punches have been, until the last few days. It is all on the other side now. And I have been getting a lot more movement down low, lots of punching going on, I guess. LOL

I am SO tired of peeing. Good LORD the peeing. Hah.

I am getting really uncomfy. I really don't want to complain so I guess I will shut my cakehole.

Todd and I went out for dinner last night to the Melting Pot. Man I love that place. Nothing like some yummy fondue. MMMMmmmm. We figured it would be the last time we could get out to a place like that for awhile. It was SUCH a nice evening.

I couldn't help but to think that the next time we go there for dinner, we will need a babysitter! eeee!!

A HUGE congratulations goes out to Statia and her Meester....go send love and good vibes!! This is huge, and even though its early on..well...even more of a reason to send good vibes their way.

Don't think I've forgotten you on the proofs. I'm about half-way done.
I think a lot of women feel tight in the chest and short on breath in late pregnancy b/c of the pressure baby puts on the lungs.
aaaaand on your bladder. lol.

we just got a new melting pot this week. i've never been to one -- any recommendations?
sounds like maya has moved down getting ready to come out to me...
pfft I feel that way and Im not pregnant at all.
Wait till your pelvis bones start to seperate. HA!
The not breathing thing? Sucks. And it doesn't really go away, unfortunately. Until, well, she's born. :) Long as your blood pressure's in line, I'm guessing it's okay.
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