Sunday, July 09, 2006

Getting closer..

We took a tour of the hospital today. I have to say I was WAY impressed. Wow. What a nice know, for a hospital and all. There was one little guy in the nursery. He was so wee, so perfect. Not too skinny and not too fat. He was perfect. He had a full head of hair and he was just absolutely precious. *sigh* I still cannot get over the fact that there is one of those things inside of me. LMAO!!

I cannot believe how much she kicks and moves around. It amazes me every single day.
I really cannot wait to meet her.


You will be in great hands there. You will be well taken care of!!! Glad that you enjoyed it.
Oh I remember the tour, you are so close now!

I think that's what I miss the most is all the movements. She'll be here before you know it!
If there was one thing about pregnancy that I wish I could somehow record and experience over and over, it's got to be the movements. I loved that part!

I never went on a hospital tour, but I loved my hospital. It was almost like staying in a hotel, you know, except for the giant net panties and drugs they provided.
I really miss the movements too! I had to laugh at Chas's comment about the hotel except for the giant mesh panties. I actually still have some of those suckers in my bathroom drawer, who knows what I will ever do with them! I found you via EmmaKirstens blog... good luck!! :)
the kicks, the jabs, the rolls, and the HICCUPS! *sigh* i miss it all...
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