Monday, July 24, 2006

Done. Over and out.

Ok, well..I have made the decision to shut it down here. Got someone hitting the site that I do NOT want here.
So...if you wanna know where I will be, send me an email, or leave a comment and I will email you as soon as I get another domain and all that.
May not be right away..I cannot seem to decided on a good domain name. Or at least a good one thats not freakin taken already... will be going bubeye too. Now worries though, if I have the baby before I get setup somewhere else, I can email updates if you would like..again specify whether or not you wanna be bothered with my emails if I do not have another site in place!

I will also be putting photos of Maya up on Flickr for my extended family up north, if you are in my friends and family group, you will be able to view them. If you aren't and want to be, let me know and I can add you. My Flickr ID is jhenderson.

Its been fun. Thanks for all of your support, comments, and well..thanks for reading. See you on the flip side..!!

(email is jenDOThendersonATgmailDOTcom)

Your pics are beautiful!!! I never had them done, but I wish I had
Every pregnant woman, in her last weeks of her first pregnancy, has felt this same thing. No one likes me, no one wants to touch my fat ass, my husband doesn't want to come near me, my house is a dive! It's all the hormones.
Repeat after me,
"I'm good enough,
I'm smart enough,
And dog gonnit, people like me!".
Love, Amy xo
Awww...I just started reading your blog...:( I too have had someone that I didn't want around my blog, but they went away eventually. Good luck with the birth!!!
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