Saturday, July 29, 2006


I feel like poo today.
I cannot seem to sleep at night. Then, I cannot seem to stay awake during the day. Fun.

I woke up feeling ok, but a little while later I just started to feel...funny. I got really lightheaded, and my lips and the tip of my nose got tingly. It freaked me out so I went to lay down for a bit. That feeling went away, but I still don't feel right.

My heart was beating faster than it normally does too. But that seems to be ok now too.

I have ZERO energy right now. I just feel like a big giant sack of goo.



You have officially surpassed me as far as length of pregnancy; I had L at exactly 38 weeks. Good luck!
Oh my goodness you wrote exactly how I feel. I am so very ready for this baby to be born. I think I am only a few days ahead of you and I have to say the last couple of weeks are really the worst.
how is the swelling? did it go away?

unless, of course, maya is as stubborn as justin was. he was a whopping TWO WEEKS LATE! i don't think they let you go that long past 40 weeks anymore, though.

GOOD LUCK!! we'll be thinking about you these next few days!!

p.s. glad to see you're still here, and that i thought to check!! :)
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