Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And NOW... !!

a few of my maternity portraits! Man. I have had these sitting here for weeks. I suck.
People have been emailing me, asking me where in the hell they are, and I REALLY have been meaning to just put them up. I am a lump, what can I say?

Many MANY thanks go out to my good friend Robyn. She is my personal photographer. *winks*

She is amazing. I am beyond greatful that I have her to do this for me. I am SO lucky, because as you can see, she does a far better job than those 'other' places can do.

These are just a few. Todd and I have chosen some other ones as well, but those have yet to be touched up...when they are, I will post them for you to see! Enjoy!

My Mom knitted those booties for Maya.... :O)


This is my favorite so far!!

Theres a babeh in there! lol

Amazingly beautiful, no?
She has agreed to photograph Maya once she arrives! I have already removed all decor from my living room to my dining room, so that all of the wall space in there can be dedicated to the hanging of the photographs!!

Thanks again, Rob. It was a seriously wonderful experience and I cannot WAIT to see what you do once she is actually here!!! eeeeeee!!!

OMG i love the B&W (2nd to last) that is GORGEOUS!! (my first stupid comment went down the toliet somewhere! grrr) You need to blow that up BIG and put it on the wall that is fabulous.

I'm envious!

:) WOOHOOOO 23 days! rock on witchja bad self!
Wow, those are beautiful. Can't wait to see the others.
Those are so good! I never even thought about having maternity shots made...maybe next time.
Those are gorgeous! You will treasure them!!!
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