Sunday, July 02, 2006

40 more days to go. *gulp*

I am so tired today. I cannot seem to get out of my own way. I have not been sleeping much at night. All I do is toss and turn, and then I usually have to get up. I spend an hour or so trying to snooze on the couch, due to the unrelenting heartburn/indigestion.

Last night for dinner I had a peanut butter sammich on wheat, some pears and a glass of milk. I was in misery at around 2:45 this morning. How much more bland can I get??? Argh.

And trying to sleep on the couch is a futile effort as I get deluged with cats the minute I sit down. I know they mean well, but damn!

The baby is so active today. Shes been kicking and rolling around in there for hours now. I have been having Braxtons all day, off and on, too.

Which is neat because it is probably the only time in my life where my gut will be nice and hard. ;O)

Ugg..I had acid reflux pretty bad as my pregnancy progressed. Luckily, all that indigetstion should go away once Maya arrives.
Ohhh I peanut butter gave me severe heartburn! I had to limit it, unless i wanted to suffer.

Wow only 39 days now!

ps the pics are beautiful :)
Amen on the heartburn. G-d bless Senor Zantac.

We got the metrolite, too! ;) Glad you guys had a nice time.
I used to eat Tums like candy.
by the way, have you decided on what kind of birth you want to go for? Natural or drugs, birthing stool, birthing tub, or the old fashioned table way? Make sure the umbilical cord is done pumping blood before it is cut, that way Maya gets ALL the oxygen her body needs... air and blood. We waited with David, it took less than 5 minutes.
Cant believe you only about a month'ish to go! And I second EK, peanut butter gave me wicked heartburn!
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