Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Week 27

This weeks brings LOTS more movement from this being inside of me. I cannot get over how active she is. I love it all, except for when she nails my bladder. Not only does it make me pee a little, it feels insanely weird.

I never thought I would be posting photos like these. It still seems surreal. Pay no never mind to the messy hair ( I had fallen asleep on the couch earlier ), and my complexion is a mess. I didn't have it in me to photoshop the hell out of these to make myself into something I am not. This is me, around midnight, after a nap, and still very tired, in my 80s bathroom in all my gentle. LOL

27 weeks 5 days along....

And there is nothing sexier than the soon-to-be Daddy painting his little girls bedroom....

We have our 3D/4D ultrasound on May 31st. I am so excited. I cannot wait. Aaaand, the very next day, I have another ultrasound at my Docs. LOL. I didn't remember that my Docs appointment was June 1st. So we get to see her twice in two days! How cool is that??

See I told you that you are getting big... I can't wait to see her and I can't wait till June 4.. many surprises are in store!!!
Aww...gotta love those belly shots :).
You look GREAT! And man seeing him paint the nursery really takes me back. I can't believe how quickly it flies...
Those three D ultrasounds are awesome...I saw a special on tv the other day about them, they compared the babys first facial post with the 3d and it was amazing, LOOKS JUST LIKE THEM.

I can't wait to see the pic.

Baby belly is fabulous, keep it up, we luv it! ;)
Awww, i love the belly pic! It's so cute :) Baby is getting bigger now. I would love to see the 3d/4d u/s pics. Can't wait and the room looks great. Take care :)
awesome pictures!! you'll love having those belly shots to cherish. also, the paint color rocks!
Hi Im new to your blog.. found on a blogroll on another blog i visit. I think you look great and the belly shots rock!! Looks like a great room as well for your sweetpea!! How exciting getting to see her twice :)
Hi! I'm new to your blog too! LOVE the colour of the nursery. I'll post some of our nursery tomorrow. Looks like a fairly similar wall colour to what we did, but your is more pink. I love the name you've picked too! Belly shots are awesome! I love looking back on all of mine and marvelling at the changes...and now I wish I could have some after baby shots LOL. You'll have to post from the 3D/4D US, love how real they are!
Keep taking the belly shots. Even if you don't show them to us, you'll enjoy going back to look at them every now and again.
You look great and I love the way you figured out how to do a girls room without all the PINK! :-)
Wow, I can't believe how far you are now, that's great!

I love the theme in the nursery too, the dark colors are pretty ;)
oh. My. GOD Jen... what bold color on those walls!!!
I thought I was the only person with sack to put color on walls...
and you look so beautiful... Im missing out on all of it. :(
Jen... email me a password to TikiGirl, would you please?

Every so often I want to comment over there, and the damn thing won't let me register!

I'm at

Thank you very many!
Love belly shots, and you dressed to match the paint in baby's room!!!
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