Thursday, May 11, 2006

Week 26

The tiredness is back. Ugh. I seriously could sleep ALL day.
The kicks are happening more often, and they are much MUCH more forceful now. She makes me yelp out loud sometimes! One of the cats was laying across me the other night, and when she kicked me, it pissed off the cat. It was hilarious. She just looked at me like "What the HELL, lady?"

Watching my belly jump is neat. Odd, but neat.
My emotions are back on a rollercoaster as well. We have the year anniversary of my Dads (and Marks) death coming up. As well as the fact that my husband is facing more back surgery. Not to mention the whole baby thing and OHMYGOD will we be good parents???

Then it occured to me that I AM GOING TO HAVE TO WIPE SOMEONE ELSES ASS!! I will be responsible for whether or not my daughter has an itchy, stinky butt!!!

Diapers are one thing. I can hang with the diaper thing. So why does it seem so vastly different when the person can actually use the toilet?? You would think it would be LESS gross because you don't really have the whole smoosh-factor going on.


So, I am about to head into week 27. This amazes me. I remember back to when I was barely 7 weeks pregnant, hoping every day that I would just make it to 12 weeks. Then, 12 weeks came and went and and I couldn't wait for 20 weeks so I could have the ultrasound where they really check to make sure all is well.

As I sit here on the cusp of my third trimester, feeling her kicks and movements inside of me, I am just hoping these last three months go by a quickly as the first six months have gone.

Because I am really anxious to meet my little girl....

It's grosser when someone can actually use the toilet b/c they've got a lot more poop going if someone is old enough to use a toilet then that means they're eating solid food...which makes for a pretty bad stink. At least if you breast feed you won't have to deal with stinky diapers for the first few months.
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