Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cross posted..

I posted this on my regular blog, but thought I would put it here too..

We started work on the nursery tonight. Now, yes, we did everything backwards. New floor, furniture, THEN paint. Dumb. I know. lol

But the floor and furniture will be covered when we paint ( with a sheet, NOT paint. LOL ). I am waiting on the bedding to get here before I paint because I haven't made up my mind what in the hell I am doing yet.

We put the crib together tonight. Woo!
the new floor in Maya's room

Maya's crib - side view

And from the front

aaand the changing table...

We have the dresser/hutch combo, but it is still in the garage. We will get it in here tomorrow hopefully. Her bedding will also be here tomorrow, at which point there will be more photos!

(and yeah, I know the pics are too big... I am too lazy right now to resize them, I will do it later!!)

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