Thursday, May 04, 2006

baby bedding

Ok, so, here are some photos of the bedding. I cannot wait to have the whole room complete. I am going to get the paint and stuffs this weekend, hopefully. Then the painting can begin early next week. !!

Here is one of the valances..

Here is the hamper..

And the front of the crib..

the inside..

and the side...


I love it's just cute as can be.
it's going to be beautiful!! i love it!!
that is beautiful...what a great change from EVERYTHING SO PINK! i ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!!!
Its beautiful!
i love the colors! grey and red! its very unique. the walls look good now. what color are you going to paint?
Gonna paint the brown wall a red color that matches the red in teh bedding. The other walls are getting painted an Ecru..

Oh this is going to be so amazingly fantastic. I just LOVE it. LOVE it!!!!!
too cute! i love it!
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