Thursday, May 04, 2006

Appointment update

Just got in from my Docs appointment. All is well!
(No ultrasound today Chas!)

I am measuring at 27 weeks ( I will be 26 tomorrow ), and my blood pressure was great at 108/69, and he said everything is good. I have an ultrasound scheduled for June 1st. What a great way to start off what will surely be a shitty month.

June..I wish I could skip over it. For those that don't know, my Dad died on June 23rd, while I was at my brother in laws funeral. Mark died on the 20th. My birthday is the 5th, and this year on the 5th will mark 9 years (!!!) since losing my grandpop to cancer. Nine years. Unfreaking real. *sigh*

So anyway..another ultrasound. How can one NOT be excited about that!
I am also going to schedule a 3d/4d ultrasound session with a place here in town. I can have my whole family there with us. We will get to watch Maya on ultrasound for 30 minutes, we will get lots of photos and a dvd video of it all. I can't wait!!

Anyway, that is the update for now. Pictures later!

Even with no ultrasound, I'm sooo glad to hear that you're measuring where you should be.
3d/4d sounds like a great family time! just lurking around...glad to hear everything is going well.
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