Wednesday, May 31, 2006

29 weeks

Wow. Week 28 blew by so fast I didn't even get a chance to post anything!
And week 29 is just about over as well. Crazy, I tell you.

Today was one of the most fascinating days of my life thus far.

Internet, meet Maya ...

It was simply amazing. As soon as her face came into view, Todd started to cry, and that made me lose it. Not that I wasn't already choking up on my own!

She was extremely active. We double checked to make sure that she was indeed a she. She is. Whew. She was swallowing a lot, and her tummy was full. We even got to see her eating her hand, and opening her eyes.

In a word? Breathtaking.

I thought my heart was going to burst right out of my chest.
Todds reaction to the whole thing was just what I needed, as we have been somewhat off with each other as of late.

She has my chin. And what looks like Todds mouth....

I am so excited to meet her, face to face. I would recommend the 4D ultrasound to anyone. It was about $260 when it was all said and done. Best $260 we ever spent!
My Mom was there, as well as Dad and Janet, and Heather came too.

I am hoping to squeeze in another one around 35 weeks. It was awesome. I can totally understand why stupid ass Tom Cruise got an ultrasound machine. Really. I could sit there and watch her all day long.


How COOL is that? Sitting there sucking on her little fist? And eye open... Wow! We just couldn't swing it with T, since we were flying back to OK for N's first birthday and all that expense. Something I've always regretted and this just reinforces that... You just want to kiss on and smoosh those perfect little cheeks! You make beautiful babies. :-) CONGRATS!
Everyone seems to be getting those these days. I vaguely remember hearing about them when I was pregnant with Davis. In fact, I think Mike was the one who told me about them. I don't think he would've been so keen on them for $260 though. He's too tight.

Maya looks beautiful, by the way!
That whole part about your heart bursting out of your cheat? Yeah, that will happen many many more times to come. Like the first time she looks at you and smiles, then the first time she gives a good laugh... all those things...
Thats what parenthood is all about. You will never feel anything else like it again.

i've never seen anything like that before! amazing...and beautiful.

Those ultrasounds are awesome. My doc did one for free at like 12 weeks and it was soooo weird because they really aren't completely formed at that point.

Maya is beautful!
Awww, how neat is that! I love the pics. I wish we had the 3d/4d ones around here. I totally would pay to see that. Congrats again :) She's beautiful. You are getting soooo close only 10wks left :)
Awesome! You can tell she has cute little cheeks already!
she is beautiful and I also would spend that money and invite some family with! wow. that is so amazing.
It seriously amazes me how much they're able to do with technology these days. It's a bit scary. Congratulations!
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