Thursday, April 27, 2006

Week 24

I am a little worried that the baby isn't growing as she should be. I see (and feel) no difference in size since my last is making me nervous. I have an appointment on the 4th, so I will see if I am just crazy then.

I have been a bit more dramatic and emotional again as of late. I hate it. Ugh. I have also been a lot more tired again too. I nap, a lot.

I just ordered the nursery bedding and accessories for Maya's room!!!
We are getting new flooring put down in her room on Tuesday. As soon as the bedding comes in, I am going to get together with my decorator (yes! I have a decorator, my MIL!) to decide on how exactly I am going to paint the room.

I cannot wait to have it all in place!

The heartburn is out of control too. Gotta talk to the Doc about it because it keeps me awake at night.

And, well, that is about it. Nothing much else to report really. :O)

I never left home without my Tums. ;)
Oh hope you can get some relief from the heartburn, i remember mine was awful. I was actually just thinking of it today, anytime i'd eat peanut butter, ugh! look out!

I'm sure all is fine with baby, good luck on the 4th. And how exciting that you are getting the bed set and everything, i loved that part! Take care.
I'm sure it's all good. There were plenty of weeks, especially in the middle of the pregnancy where I couldn't see or feel any progression. It's near the end where you really start seeing the body change fast.
You know what that heartburn means don't you? It means that baby is going to be born with a head full of hair - no baldy!

Not to worry, what you are going through sounds normal.
Yes, for me, it was always in the last ten weeks when the baby grew the most. Maya is FINE! Worrying comes with the territory though. :-)
I never left home without my tums either.
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