Friday, April 14, 2006

Week 22

I had my 3 hour glucose test today. I pray that I pass because I am NOT drinking that shit anymore. Ugh.

I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Never once did I feel icky, other than when I had a needle in my arm. My veins don't like to come out and play, so I had to get stuck far more than 3 times..6 to be exact. I look like a junky.

They let me chill in a room in the back, with a recliner and a tv. There was a woman in there with a 3 year old boy who was also getting a sugar test. Neither of them spoke English. So we all watched Sesame Street, and napped a bit.

I felt so bad for the little guy. He absolutely freaked every time they had to take blood. His momma was just beside herself.

I better pass this damned test. :)

The baby kicks me a LOT. I can now feel her kicks when I put my hand on my tummy. Todd has felt her once, and he says he could hear her in there when he puts his ear to my tummy. Not so sure about that, but whatever.

It makes me wish I was a contortionist, so I could listen too!! Anyone know if I can get a stethoscope at a medical supply store???

They would fast become my new headphones!!

I also think I experienced my first Braxtons the other day. My ute got sooo tight for a spell, then relaxed. Then again...and it was done. Very very odd feeling!!

Well, I am off to make myself a huge sammich. I am starving!!

I hope you pass that three hour test too. You may recall that I BARELY passed mine, so they had me go low carb anyway so baby didn't get too big...and look what happened...the kid didn't even weight 6 lbs. Ugg.

I never could really tell if I was having BH contractions until they hooked me up to the monitor and showed them to me.
Hope you pass the test! I started having bh early too, exactly what you mentioned.
Good luck on the test...

Get the scope from the med supply store, it really works.

Or, break down and buy the damn doppler. LOL
I bet thats more fun!
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