Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Week 21

Dammit. I just sneezed, and peed a little.
Isn't it a bit too early for that to be happening?? LOL


Annnyway...Nothing much to report, really. I registered at Babies R Us yesterday, for my eventual shower. That was fun. :O)
Waay too much cute stuff in that place. It is overwhelming.

I am anxious to get get started on the nursery, but we are going to hold off a bit, as we are getting our kitchen redone in a few weeks. One thing at a time, you know?

And with that, I am going back to bed!!

funny, i wrote about my sneeze/pee incident yesterday! must be something in the water! heeheehee
Do those kegels!
Holy shit! How did I miss this!

Jen!! I just read you were pregnant, congratulations!

I know how much you've wanted this, are you feeling good? :)

YAY! I'm so happy for you.

I predict she will come on August 12th, I hear that's a good day to have a baby.

Oh my god, I can't believe it! :)

You wrote this on August 15th, 2004 after I gave birth to Cae:

"aaaaaaaaaw.. CONGRATS!! She is SO cuuuute!!
I am soo happy for you guys!!! :O)"

I cannot WAIT to tell you the same!
I still pee when i sneeze ( alittle) sometimes...
I guess it has to do with the episiotomy (dont' get one if you can avoid it)
I ALWAYS pee when I sneeze. And when I laugh really hard.
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