Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yep. It's a girl!

I knew it! A girl.

I am going to have a daughter. eek.
We have chosen to name her Maya Noel...

Our ultrasound today was soo amazing. We got to see just about every inch of her. We saw all 4 of her heart chambers working as they should, she had a full bladder (as did her momma. Oy) and we saw her stomach and her brain and her little hands and feets...


I am so glad to be able to refer to her by name now, instead of 'it'.

So, say hello to Maya!!

Bring on the pink....

I *KNEW* it - the Drano test is never wrong! :-) CONGRATULATIONS (and I just adore the name)! Piiiiink -- eeeeee!
OMGOMGOMG that is soooo awesome!



Gimme an M...

*jumps up and down*


My father picked Maya out for my daughter, I liked it. It's very pretty. When she was born the name popped into my head, Kerrin, and that's what stayed.

:) I am so happy for you all (3)!
I'm CRYING over here!!!!!!!!
Yay!!!! A girl!!!!!
And I love the name. Ah, I can't wait to see what she looks like!
yay congrats!
Put her in dresses early, I didn't do that to Julie now all she does is wear sweatpants.
i KNEW IT! congrats -- there's nothing more fun than little girl clothes. :) enjoy!
Whoohoooo :-)
Gorgeous name hon!
YAYYYY, Congratulations!!!!!!!
I think all the online bloggers are having girls :)

What a beautiful name too!

I too LOVE her name!!!

CONGRATS! What a beautiful name!!!
Congratulations! Little girls are wonderful!
hey thats great! you are so lucky with getting to know the sex. i never had one ultrasound in either 2 of my pregnancies.

and a beautiful name ..
I now have my new baby girl, and I just know you're going to enjoy yours as much as I do mine. Girls are so sweet!
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